✈️ About

Simly's mission is to empower everyone to stay connected.

Simly is platform that offers data plans for travelers in 180+ countries with the eSIM technology. In less than a minute, choose-buy-activate and you’re ready to start browsing (no physical sim card needed). We're also building Stripe for SIM cards and enabling Telecom as a Service. Providing platforms custom phone & data plans through an easy to use API & Shopify App in 180+ countries. We are enabling platforms in the IoT, HR, Travel & eCommerce space to sell connectivity to their customers.

💛 Open Roles

✨ Our Core Values

These values are more than just aspirational jargon that we come up with to check a box. They are the foundational framing we use when assessing potential partners to join our team.

💭 Dream big

Our promise to each other is to lead with originality and creativity. We approach each problem and opportunity with fearless energy and passion. We make time weekly for both big thinking and reflection. You will never do boring work at Simly, because “great” is never good enough.

⚡️ High velocity